Sabtu, Januari 13, 2007

A Letter for my future groom

I've just visited one of my friend's blog (Iin) and i found a very interesting letter which is addressed for her future hubby (hohohoho.....i've known already who is that lucky man, sis......finger crossed for both of you). So....with her acceptance i copied and edited the letter and posted it here to share to all of my fellas include my future husband (hope so....). It's good for everybody to read this, both those who are still jomblo and taken already. Originally this letter has been taken and translated into English from indrayogi's blog. Visit his journal...highly recommended.
Assalamualaikum wr wb....... How are you going, my future groom? How's your family? Hope we always be fine and be in Allah's protection. Although i never met nor saw your face before, but as Savage Garden songs "I Knew I love You before I met you" and like western people always say, "others might catch my eyes, but you caught my heart", indeed you have won my heart thoroughly.
My future groom, are you waiting me? Waiting can be bored for some people, but not for me. Waiting... only few people consider it as a special thing and for me, waiting is special moment indeed. While waiting you here....many useful things can be done like reading, writing, light discussion, or other good things.
The most beautiful god creature...dont bet your life just because you are exhausted in waiting and finding me, moreover only for marriage. Because marriage is not built in a moment but can be shattered in a second. Marriage gate is something which is sacred and holy therefore we need to enter it with a pure, sincere and honest heart oneday. Once you're there, Allah will dislike if there's someone who's trying to go out from it. Please fill your days with prayers to Allah, ask only direction from Him, pray for me in your night pray and i will also pray for you in, my dearest future hubby.

My future groom, Perhaps my past wasnt like other ukhtis you know, and you might already heard about my stories that are likely to be erased from my mind. Therefore, i dont wanna hide my past from you, i'll let you know all about me so the communication between us will be clear. Also, easier for you to accept me in just the way i am and the other way around.
My future groom, Some of my relatives had asked me about you. Even they didnt ask any detail but i could notice that they asked me who's my future groom and how he looks like, and i know that it is you. Their questions have been answered simply by my smile as i want to make a surprise one day. Yes, they will likely to be surprised knowing that there will be a guardian angel who's gonna live with them. I cant hardly wait to see their surprised faces one day....yeah one day, my half-holy soul.......
While waiting the time arrive, i'll do self-introspection before taking step to go through the life with you, my future companion angel. So that i will be a good person in front of God and your heart, and i will be proper as your beloved wife and mother for our future little angels.
You must ever heard surah An Nur, verse 26 which states that "a good man is for a good woman and a good woman is for a good man". i wanna be this kind of woman so i'll be proper to accompany you someday till the end of the world. If till this time Allah havent united us, i'm sure it's just because im not ready good enough for you right now. I wanna be a good and the only woman for you because im sure you are the best man for me and Allah's choice will never be wrong.
My future groom, I will waiting you till you come to knock my heart oneday, but maybe not now. Because this journey is still long, many problems should be faced. My heart sings in the rhythm of thought as if nothing remain even a second. Anxious cant be avoided. About a flash of shadow, about a piece of future.
My future groom, I know you're missing me, be patient, a wonderful times will come for us, when we will be united in a beautiful holy marriage tie. How are you there? Are you tired finding me? Are you exhausted searching for me there? Just be patient and keep your faith. I will wait, welcoming you with an open arms and and the sweetest smile in my beautiful gown. When the time is come, wear that crown and run to me as you see me. There are lot things i have to find to bring happiness for our life. Pray for me my holy soul, and be patient to find me here...
I promise will wait you.........from now on, my dearest love......
wassalamualaikum wr wb

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