Senin, Januari 15, 2007

The Pursuit of Happyness

In The Pursuit of Happynes, Chris Gardner (Will Smith) is a family man struggling to make ends meet.Despite his valiant attempts to help keep the family afloat, the mother(Thandie Newton) of his five-year-old son Christopher (Jaden Christopher Syre Smith)is buckling under the constrain straint of financial pressure. No longer able to cope, she reluctantly decided to leave.
Chris, now a single father, continues to doggedly a better paying job using every sales skill he knows. He lands an internship at a prestigious stock brokerage firm, and although there is no salary he accepts, hopeful he will end the program with a job and a promising future. Without a financial cushion, Chris and his are soon evicted from their apartment and forced to sleep in shelters, bus stations, bathrooms or wherever they can find refuge for the night (hiks..)
Despite his trobles, Chris continues to honour his commitment as a loving and caring father, using the affection and trust his son has placed in him as an impetus to overcome the obtacles he faces.
This movie is absolutely awesome and remarkable, and it it has been rated Four Stars by Sunrise (Channel Seven). Since this movie is categorized as a PG movie program, you dont need to be worried to go to the movie along with all your family members or friends or even your beloved one, i guarantee they will enjoy it very much. Full of meaning and lesson of life, this movie offers lots of motivation for us and teach us never to give up to reach whatever dream we have as Chris Gardner said to his son"dont ever let somebody tells you that you can't do something even me, .......if you want something, go and get it, fill it". (ok chris...I'll remember your words, i hope i have a bravery and consistency as yours to pursue my dreams).
There is also wiping tears moment you'll experience when they have nowhere places to go and even when they have means staying in a toilet though. Therefore i suggest you to bring tissues while watching this movie ( my fault was i didn't bring it when watched the movie wonder when a lots of tears fallen from my swollen eyes, my friends Ita & Irfan just couldn't stop teasing me after the movie finished). Whaaaaaa....beginilah kalau jadi pribadi yg terlalu sensitif dan peka, hiks..hiks..hiks...(I've been touched deeply, dudes).

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  1. aYa-chan,
    Sydne de nani o benkyoo shimasu ka. nan nen gurai sunde imashita ka.

  2. wadow....yokel-san,
    it has been a long time ago since the last time i left my japanese grammar book behind. But from those several familiar words i guessed you asked me about what i'm studying here in Sydney,didn't you?
    Actually, i'm pursuing my master degree in Nursing at University of Technology Sydney.
    (Hihihihi...i hope my guess was correct).....
    Doomo arigato gozaimasu, for visiting my blog^_^

  3. Sesek. Nonton filem ini jadi aga sesek, pengin nangis... bisa bercucuran air mata ni sebenarnya kalau tdk ada Ita dan Aya di sebelahku haha.. malu lah cowok nangis depan cewek.. :D

  4. Hahahaha....gak perlu, aku udah tau kok, mas irfan kan hatinya mudah tersentuh sama sprtku, maklum karakter bintang kita kan agak mirip2,...lagian air mata bukan hanya milik makhluk yang bernama cewek, so gak ada larangan kok kalo cowok pengen nangis, asal jangan keseringan lho^_^