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Once In A Life Time

(Pic taken by Yoga, UTS Ausaid awardee 0f 2007)

I have an interesting story to share. This is about a moment that i wont forget in my entire life. It was on November 2007, at the end of my study at University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Within next few weeks, we were (all UTS international students from various contries) having graduation day after finished all subjects from our formal courses. Actually, the ceremony was not like the real graduation; when all UTS students were given their testamur with the grade mentiones on it. No, it wasnt. It's more like a farewell ceremony for us who could not attend the formal graduation ceremony on April 2008 due to the distance problem and of course funding matter (my scholarship doesnt cover a trip for this ceremony). But what makes it special was, because at that time we were all wearing graduation uniform and we also got a chance to shake hand with the chancellor, dean & Professors from our faculties.

A month prior to the farewell ceremony, i got an email from a UTS international office staff, Ms. Belinda Lee. I've been invited to submit a speech to be presented on the farewell occasion. Along with me, there were around 10 students also got the invitation. I heard from Ms. Lee, the crieteria to receive the invitation was based on our activities at UTS. The more we were spotted being involved in UTS activities, the bigger chance we got the invitation. I personally according to her, being spotted when i won a special award at UTS City 2 Surf Team in 2006 and when I choreographed an Indonesian contemporary dance at UTS Cultural Infusion Week on Aug 2006 (even i didnt win the competition, but the other participants said it was amusing though).

Back to the speech. All candidates were asking to submit a speech no longer than 2 pages. And it should be in English of course. The staff of UTS would select the best, and as the result the it will be delivered on the ceremony by the student who wrote it. Initially, i didnt really expect that my speech would be better than any other students. First, my grammar was crap, second i never made any written speech before and, third i didnt mean to write it since i have a problem with "stage fright" (bahasa: demam panggung).

Unfortunately, all my thoughts were wrong. A week before the ceremony, i was called back to confirm that my writing has been chosen as the best speech to deliver. Surprised?! Yes?! Panic?!Absolutely!!! (remember i have stage fright?!)

So, in a rush, i met ms. Lee immeditely to mention about my biggest problem, stage fright. I wanted to step back because i had no confidence to do so in front of all international students and their families. But Ms. Lee reinforced me to keep further because she believed that i could cope with it. I Just need to conquer my fright coz that the real enemy within myself. She was aslo suggesting me to practice in front of mirror and even in front of her and some of her colleagues.

It took me few days, until i gain the confidence with the help of Ms.Lee and my best friends (K'Rini & Lisa) who never stopped encourage me.

Finally, on the big day, as my chancellor, Ms. Lee and some international students said, I delivered it very well, my speech was so impressive and deeply touched they heart. So, for you guys, who want to know how my speech was, here is the final draft after been revised here and there lil'bit by Ms. Lee

Student Address:

Nurhaya Nurdin (Ausaid Awardee 2006)
Master of Nursing Education
University of Technology Sydney

Student Guest Speaker for the farewell ceremony of Departing International Students
Great Hall, City campus, Friday 30 November 2007

A very good afternoon to:
The Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Faculty Deans, University Staff Members, Distinguished Guests, family and friends, and my dearest fellow students. It is such a privilege and a great honor for me to be here on behalf of all departing international students.

The time has flown quickly this year and a half and I’m sure all of you can still remember vividly your first day at UTS, like it just happened yesterday; the first time you stepped into the UTS tower building and looked around; all feelings were mixed in the one thought, scared but excited, glad but feeling homesick all the time, as you left your family and love ones behind.

For most of us, I believe the beginning of our studies at UTS was not easy. It is like a rose, which looks beautiful, but full of thorns. The main challenges facing us day by day are anxieties of the classroom environment, pressures of assignments, oral presentations, deadlines, exam periods, culture shock, and especially the confusing Australian accent. This combination may sound like a disaster, but then it turns out to be an unforgettable and rewarding experience that we would love to share with our family and friends back in our home countries.

It was at UTS, I experienced the diversity in the true sense. Personally, I have met and interacted with people from multicultural backgrounds, as during semester I lived at UTS Housing accommodation, Gumal Ngurang. Everyday I dealt with problems that I never encountered before, but all those experiences shaped me to become more accepting to all the differences. I think such experiences are extremely important to understand and to relate to people from different cultures, religion and ethnicity and it has truly enriched me from inside.

At UTS, I reinvented my self through transformations. Last year, as some of you may be aware, I was just a shy student who came here to study studiously at the wish of my parents. I was scared to engage in daily conversations because I was worried people would not understand what I was trying to say. In the first semester, group discussions and oral presentations were my nightmares as I have to participate actively in the conversation. But soon as I started getting involved in a social life with other students, I realized I was becoming a new person. I was more confident, energetic, and open-minded than before. UTS and its atmosphere taught essential lessons that could not be learned by reading a textbook. What I learned from UTS is to be more confident on what I had, dared to leave my comfort zone to explore my abilities and never stopped to learn through processes. I can still remember vividly one lecturer who really inspired me with his words. He said: “…do not think only about how high you can get but rather about how long is the road you have walked. How close you have to get to your potential. It is all about the process which makes you become more mature and better person than before”

Our stay at UTS is not “all study and no play”. Since UTS is located in the heart of Sydney CBD, it offers us the opportunity of savoring the sights and sounds during our leisure time. How can we forget sydney’s icons such as Darling Harbor, The Opera House, The Rock and Bondi Beach when we were all stuck with our assignments? I believe each of us will bring back all these memories and share it with our family and friends, perhaps one day we can come again to visit Sydney, particularly our beloved UTS.

My dear fellow students, as the saying goes “every start always has an ending”, so also with our current togetherness here. We are going to fold our memorable journey at UTS, and unfold the new phase of our lives in our home countries, all armed with what we have learned at UTS. We are ready to accept the responsibilities that face us as we shape our future. Today we are proud to be part of the UTS community, and I am sure UTS will be proud of what we have achieved and what we will achieve in the future.

As a student guest speaker, once again on behalf of all departing international students, I would like to extend my gratitude towards the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Faculty Deans, Lecturers, International Students Team, AusAid Liasion Officers and all university staff members, who have been so inspirational and encouraging during our short, but memorable stay at UTS. Not forgetting our family members and friends for taking time to be here with us to celebrate this joyful moment and also those who have contributed, in some way or another, to the success of this farewell ceremony.
Last but not least, I wish everyone present the best for their future and may The Almighty always be with us.

Congratulation, Omedeto, Felicitations, Gong Xi, Parabens, Cuk Meng, Badhai Ho, Selamat!!!

Well Done Everyone!!!!
Thank you!

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  1. Weitz, Nice pic and great speech. I'm sure someday I could do the same.