Minggu, November 30, 2008

It Was Rainy on Sunday Morning

(The Water Fountain of Darling Harbour; Picture taken from here)

I supposed to wake up early this morning. Plenty of activities have waited me. Exercising Kempo, assessing students final paper exam, copying all CPNS documents required, washing clothes, hunting photos with fellas, submitting students' CHN mark tru d'net, etc etc...
But why i couldn't force myself 2 wake up?
Hey, what i'm doing now? Still lying on my bed, pressing those buttons on my celly, writing these all pathetic words.

It's rainy outside. I can see thru my window. I can smell the grasses song kissed by the rain. And the splashes dancing lovingly teased me. Uuurgh...why i become so poetic this morning? Again and again, i think my mind had been swept far away by the rainy song, floated somewhere out and reached the deepest happiest memory in my dream. There......There..... in the fountain of my Darling Harbour....

**I missed my sitting spots in Darling Harbour, Sydney**

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