Kamis, November 27, 2008

A Letter From Sapporo

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Dear Aya,
How have you been? I hope you are in good spirits! I read in a newspaper that there was an earthquake in Sulawesi. Are you OK? Are your families, friends OK? Are the other participants of FASID fieldwork program, who live in Makassar: Syafar, Dijah, Hasni, Ady, Armin, Mr. Roem, Samsul OK? Do you have some news from Kacicci whether there are OK? I knew from the report that the earthquake took place in the north of Sulawesi, but you never now... In Japan we have a lot of earthquakes, but sometimes you feel them even they occur far away.
Here is everything normal, although Sapporo is cold nowadays . Since I don't live in Tokyo, from where the majority of the participants of our fieldwork program come, I don't meet them. But I often think about our stay in Kacicci, about the people I met there. It was in many ways fantastic experience.
Keep in touch!

With best wishes,

Note: **Lukasz is a PHD student in Sapporo Japan. We participated together on FASID Fieldwork 2008 Program in Kacicci, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. At that time, along with other seven participants, Lukasz represented researcher from Japan eventhough he comes from Poland.

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  1. persahabatan yang terjalin pasti indah untuk dikenang... meskipun wujud perhatian yang sederhana.. tetapi itu memberi arti.. bahwa dia memperhatikan...